Link Tobii Glasses 2 with varioport devices for mobile biometric measurement.

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Biosignal processing currently plays an increasing role. Since the Evaluation of EEG, ECG, pulse, skin conductivity and other body signals was mainly limited to academic research in the past, currently also an increase in economic applications is observable. In particular, the evaluation of eye tracking data in combination with biosignals has resulted in new methods and findings in the field of market research.

The development of new lighter and more powerful sensors in combination with new transmission technologies such as Bluetooth LE enable data recording outside shielded laboratories in natural environments and so the collection of data under much more realistic test conditions.

Also completely new data collections, such as the measurement of brain activity using the NIRS technology is now possible and financially affordable by technological progress.

BiSigma has set itself the task of bringing together the various methods of data collection and analysis in the context of holistic solutions. Not the individual product is in the focus of our activity but a combination of hardware and software to serve your individual needs. BiSigma will provide you with solutions completely from one source, so that there is no need to combine various technologies by yourself anymore.